Travis J. O'Hara

Candidate for Belknap-4
(168th General Court)

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As the Founding Fathers wrote, the future needs our Constitutions to stay intact. New Hampshire’s future depends on the education of our children and transparency from the government, no matter the party in charge. Finally, to keep our future bright, we must gain control of the opiate epidemic that is taking over our area, all while keeping our constituents at heart and mind.



State House



Bringing Resources to Our Town

Voted for increasing the Meals and Rentals Tax distributions to municipalities by $50.5 million; $100 million in funding to combat substance abuse; $8 million for community health programs and mobile crisis teams; $3 million to help veterans and seniors recover from social isolation; $1 million for body-worn cameras for law enforcement' Establishing a voluntary Paid Family and Medical Leave Program!

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Voted for protecting and defending open carry laws across the Granite State; Allowing individuals to stand their ground anywhere on their property; Allowing individuals to protect their friends or family anywhere on their property; Preventing towns or cities from violating the 2nd Amendment or constitutional carry; Preventing NH law enforcement from enforcing the Biden Administration's anti-second amendment executive orders and other anti-second amendment laws; A Constitutional amendment that would have prevented the legislature from making any law restricting the right to own, carry, or use firearms or firearm accessories.

Restoring Faith in Our Elections

Voted for protecting New Hampshire's elections from federal overreach by prohibiting the implementation of measures from the "For the People Act" in the state, county, and local elections; Authorizing an audit of the Windham State Representative Race; Mandated photographs to be taken of voters who register using the affidavit form, deterring voter fraud and double voting; Mandating towns to conduct thorough procedures for verifying voter checklists, ensuring more security in our elections

Public Safety and Immigration

Voted to defending, not defunding, our law enforcement and other first responders; Defending qualified immunity for first responders and public employees; Ending the catch and release of violent criminals, and fixing NH's bail system; Investing in Granite Shield, which continues to work on drug trafficking interdiction aimed at preventing the supply of illegal drugs from entering NH; Increasing funding for police body-worn and dashboard cameras; Taking steps to fix our first responders' retirement system and restoring our promises to NH's first responders.

Protecting Life and Promoting Liberty

Voted for Education Savings Accounts, providing school choice without tax increases; Expanding the eligibility of the Education Tax Credit, providing more educational options for families and children; Promoting access to school curriculum materials for parents to review; Banning discrimination from NH's classrooms; Improving our current homeschooling laws; Ending late-term abortions (7th, 8th, & 9th month), except when a mother's life is in danger; protecting a fetus after viability; Ending partial-birth abortions.

A True Fiscal Conservative

Decreasing state spending by 3% $100 million in direct property tax relief (decreasing Statewide Property Tax) Reducing the Meals and Rentals Tax (9.01% to 8.5%) Reducing the Business Enterprise Tax (0.6% to 0.55%) Reducing the Business Profits Tax, TWICE (7.7% to 7.6%, and then to 7.5%) Eliminating the Interest and Dividends Tax over 5 years, making NH officially an income tax free state and helping protect retirees' hard-earned savings

Co-Sponsored Bills

21-0559 (HB) – Relative to an extended term of imprisonment for assaulting military personnel. 

21-0726 (HB) – Relative to the applicability of a state of emergency declaration to a house of worship.

21-0267 (HB) – Permitting school district with independent schools and private schools. 

21-0653 (HB) – Relative to verification of ballots cast in an election.

21-0435 (HB) – Making an appropriation to the FRM victims’ contribution recovery fund. 

21-0261 (HB) – Relative to the on-premises cigar, beverage, and liquor licenses.

21-0230 (HB) – Relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles.

21-0234 (HB) – Relative to abandoned underwater cables

21-0179 (HB) – Relative to freedom of speech and association on college campuses.

21-0485 (HB) – Designating police and fire dispatchers as group II members of the retirement system.

21-0673 (HB) – Relative to the ability of a parent to enroll a child in the public school of their choice.

21-0276 (HB) – Relative to nonpublic sessions under the right-to-know law.

21-0313 (HB) – Requiring town and city clerks to make electronic lists of persons who requested, been mailed, or returned absentee ballots available to candidates upon request. 

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Travis O'Hara

Belknap - 4 State Representative

I am opposed to any new broad-based taxes. New Hampshire’s families deserve to keep their hard-earned cash. I trust you to spend and invest your own earnings, not the government. A Sales Tax would only hurt our local businesses and raise the cost of living for families in Belmont. An Income Tax would be equally devastating. We must protect the New Hampshire Advantage. We can promote the welfare of all people without destroying the advantage we all share.

Our bail system in the Granite State is broken. People are committing violent crimes, being arrested, and getting released all within the same 24 to 48 hour period. It is unacceptable that we release violent criminals with no additional terms set for their bail. We must do more to protect our communities and the victims of these crimes.

I will never vote to limit a Granite Stater’s Second Amendment rights. I voted to not only defend gun owners’ rights but to expand their liberties. I strongly believe everyone deserves the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property. New Hampshire gun owners are safe and responsible. I will work hard to defend gun owners’ rights in Concord.

"I tell people I won't vote to go to war unless i'm ready to go or send my kids."

- Rand Paul


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Travis O'Hara

My top objectives are:

  • Enhance the quality of education
  • Curb the opiate crisis
  • Defend our right to self-preservation
  • Raise workers compensations and benefits by fewer burdens to small businesses

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